Aquaria Synthetic Coral

ECO FRIENDLY CORALS TO CONTINUE OUR EFFORTS TO BE MORE ‘GENTLE’ ON OUR OCEANS. These synthetic corals will not only enhance your aquarium’s seascape but are cost effective and not prone to the challenges of looking after live corals. From the pictures you will see that they are both attractive and realistic. Once again we are introducing a product that saves some of our oceans natural resources whilst offering a maintenance free environment in your marine aquarium.

Here are a few of the shapes and types of synthetic corals we have to offer ….For the full range contact us and we will send you our full catalogue on our  synthetic corals.







Our friendly staff will be able to put together your very own exclusive REEF with these stunning life like synthetic corals and synthetic rock shapes.

Here are a few examples of what we can create for you with our Synthetic corals and our synthetic rock….




Watch our   videos on these links below:                                

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