Aquaria Coral Reef Salt

Here we have one of our products that we are very proud of. Aquaria coral reef salt gives you the reef keeper a perfect developed synthetic marine aquarium salt that has been formulated around the finest natural coral reefs in the world.  Aquaria Coral reef salt guarantees the reef keeper the peace of mind that they are using a Synthetic salt that is phosphate free, nitrate free and that has all the correct amounts of trace elements to have a healthy exquisite coral reef aquarium. Aquaria coral reef salt is available in two sizes. 10kg [makes 300Litres] and 20 kg [makes 600Litres].


Technical DATA:

Specific Gravity 1-020 - 1.022 (20 °C)
PH 8.1(0 °C)
Chloride 16200 – 17800 mg/l
Sulphate 2300 – 2600mg/l
Calcium 350 – 420 mg/l
Potassium 340 – 380 mg/l
Magnesium 1130 - 1230 mg/l
Strontium10.0 – 11.0 mg/l

Alkalinity 4.0-5.0 meq/L

Rubidium 0.13 – 0.15mg/l


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