Aquaria Cal-Side white


Let us introduce you to our Aquaria Cal-Side , this is a fine grain substrate.

Aquaria Cal-Side “SUBSTRATE” This is much more than just the "stuff on the bottom of the aquarium", the substrate is an integral part of any marine aquarium system. Besides contributing to the visual appeal of the aquarium.  Substrate mediums serve other purposes. In a marine aquarium is a vital part of the biological filter base. Aquaria Cal-Side is non-living media, it will become "live" as the aquarium matures and goes through the cycling process.

Aquaria Cal- side substrate provides refuge for many types of bottom-dwelling marine fish and invertebrates that either build burrows or bury themselves in the substrate, Like various species of Wrasses, Gobies, Blennies, Mandarin fishes, Shrimps, Starfishes etc.  Certain types of sand-sifting invertebrates ingest substrate and extract organic matter from it, like sea cucumbers. Animals such as these rely on the substrate as a source of nutrition. The substrate houses other smaller critters, such as amphipods, copepods and marine worms, which are a source of food for some other marine animals. Aquaria Cal-Side is a natural mediums and is calcium-based, which is beneficial to marine aquariums.


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