The mainstay of our business is of course the livestock and corals. This is where we endeavour to provide not only variety but quality as well.

We source our livestock from some of the most beautiful ocean areas in the world, from Sri Lanka, Hawaii, America, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bali, The Red Sea, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore and many others. Our sources are carefully checked to make sure we only ship and supply the best of each species.

All our suppliers are carefully screened in order to ensure that we know that they are caught and harvested in a manner that you would approve of. They are then held in quarantine until we are satisfied that they are ready for shipping. All our corals are harvested according to the specific Cities laws in place worldwide. You will not find any banned species at the Aquaria store.

When we receive our livestock we take care to acclimatise, de-stress, eradicate parasites and allow them to develop healthy eating patterns before they are ready to be taken from Aquaria. Corals are allowed to settle and open before we allow them to be placed in their new homes.

Our showroom provides not only state of the art facilities but is set up so that you have easy viewing access to choose the livestock most suitable for your personal ‘SEA WORLD’ Our trained staff is there to assist you in choosing the  most suitable species to become part of your home.

You have heard that ‘seeing is believing’ so come and “SEA” our Aquaria World for yourself!

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