Jebao RW-15 eco wave makers can stimulate oceans currents.  These high-tech pumps are designed especially for marine creatures.  They can mimic natural waves and whirlpools, which provides fish and other ocean creatures a more natural living environment in an aquarium.

Jebao RW-15 wave maker specifications:
The RW series of Jebao wave makers come with controllers that are able to communicate wirelessly with another RW series controller. By doing this the controllers can be synchronize enabling the user to create a perfect simulated wave swell in the aquarium.  By using one main controller the user can remotely control the sub-controllers.

Each pump comes with a unique controller.

The controller has multiple wave settings and functions.

Maximum flow rate of up to 15000 litres/hour.

Simple controlling panel that can stimulate a dynamic ocean wave environment.

The flow direction can be adjusted to different angles according to your aquariums requirements.

Comes complete with an easy to fit magnet that secures the wave maker in the desired position in the aquarium.

Can be used in a variety of aquarium glass sizes.  Suitable for aquariums with glass thickness of up to 15mm thick.

Low Voltage DC pump making it safer to use.

With the use of low voltage, low power, DC variable speed pump we are  able to minimizing heat transfer to the aquarium and maximising user safety for them self’s and the aquarium  inhabits .

The wide range of voltage inputs from (AC100-240V 50/60 Hz) this is suitable for a variety of power grids, which can avoid changes of waves due to voltage fluctuations.

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