Aquaria Marine Platinum Pro RO



The Aquaria Platinum PRO marine RO is our top of the range unit. This RO unit comes with really super features that will help you, as the customer, maintain top quality water for your aquarium. This super 4 stage RO machine even has its own pump to assist it in the making of the RO water should you have a low municipal water pressure. It comes with a 5 micron pre filter, CTO filter ,100GPD membrane and a deionizer filter on the final stage. Now for the best feature on the Aquaria Platinum Pro…




The LCD display and controller is a wow factor that indicates the filters life span , the TDS , the water temp , the automatic flushing of the filters and manufacturing display of the RO water.  Our Aquaria Platinum PRO will automatically back wash itself after 7 hours of continuous running. By doing this it will prolong the life of the membrane and filters. The unit is also fitted with low and high pressure switches to protect the pump and the RO machine. A top of the range quality product for the passionate reef keeper.

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