Lumini Aqua System


Asta 120R1 intelligent LED lighting unit with programmable & multiple daisy chain Joint capabilities


*LED Modular design, low cost maintenance
*Heat tube cooling, highly efficient and energy saving control, extends the LED life
*Integrated light lens, focuses light for high performance and water penetration
*The elegant design gives this LED light a wonderful appearance in your aquarium
*Easy to use, simple installation, suitable for deep or shallow water aquariums.
*Four channels separately Controlled, 8 channels of independent timing and dimming, which promotes growth in your aquarium.
*Light weight and compact design makes it easy for the installation
The Asta 120R1 supplies a suitable light environment for marine aquariums, with the sunrise, sunset, moonlight and thunder storm modes. Lumini LED Lighting units are three times more effective than any other LED lighting units.


Lumini uses the most advanced technology known as DMX and PMW controls. Four channels, each has a separate dimmer and timer, with a 2.4 GHz RF wireless enabled
Controller. Our intelligent controller can enable multiple-Join technology known as daisy chain technology and has fully automated parameters.


Using an integrated chips, each LEDs input is 750ma High intensity LEDs are combined using 45 and 120 degree high light transmitting lens which provide amazing


The Asta 120R1 has four separate channels to control 100% of the usable light spectrum. Each channel has separate dimming and timing capabilities that archive a greater effect.


12 x Blue LEDs run at 3W Semi LED
10 x Cool White LEDs run at 3W Bridglux
6 x Royal LEDs run at 3W Semi LED
4 x UV LEDs run at 3W Edison
6 X 6500K LEDs run at 3W Bridglux
2 x yellow LEDs run at 3W Epistar
1 x red LEDs run at 3w Epistar
1 x green LEDs run at 3W Epistar
Lifespan: 50000Hrs

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