Lumini Aqua System




The Gemis 120R1 is a great choice for Marine aquariums. Thirty-Three 3 watt fully controllable LED’s with ultra-quite cooling fans for low power usage.


 Ultra slim and elegant design
 Optimized heat dissipation with the latest technology
 DC power adapter
 Module LED design, with thirty-three 3W energy-efficient LEDs
 Programmable on four separate channels
 PMW Smart fan controls the speed and noise from the cooling fans with the latest technology controller
 60/ 120 degree lens, high euphotic index, providing high focusing performance
 Slick modern design looks elegant on your Aquarium
 Sunrise, Cloud, Storm, and Lunar Cycle Modes, simulate natural light environment on your marine aquarium allowing optimal growth of your corals and marine life.


The Gemis 120R1 LED lighting will give your aquarium a suitable light environment for your marine livestock and corals. With our unique and programmable controllers one can simulate sunrise, sunset, moonlight cycle, and thunderstorms. Our Lumini LED lighting hoods have proven to be three times more effective than other LED lighting hoods available, making Lumini a far superior LED lighting option for your Aquarium.

Daisy chain control:

We use the latest technology known as DMX andl PMW .We have 4 channels on each unit and each has a separate dimmer and timer, with a 2.4 GHz WIFI wireless enabled controller. Our LED lighting hoods are the leaders in aquarium LED lighting. All of our controllers are able to link multiple daisy chain technology.



Our Lumini LED lighting units are all fitted 3w high power Cree or Bridgelux chips, these high intensity LEDs use 60 and 120 degree lens, through this we  provide a high light penetration that will give your aquarium life all the necessary required light to thrive and grow.



The Lumini Gemis has four separate channels to control 100% of the usable light spectrum. Each channel has separate dimming and timing which will give your aquarium all the necessary light it needs.

Main Specification


Length: 16.4 inches/408MM Width: 6.2 inches/160MM
Height: 1.81 inches/45.8MM Weight: 12 pounds/4.5KG
Actual power draw 100 watts
0.45 amps @ 220V; 0.9 amps @ 110V
Power Factor (PF): > 0.96 Frequency: 50/60Hz
AC Cable Length: 4ft DC Cable Length: 4ft
AC Connector: IEC 320 Inlet
Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50 to 60Hz


9x Cool White LEDs run at 3W each 12000Kevin Bridgelux LED
12x Royal Blue LEDs run at 3W each 450NM Semi LED
6x Pure Blue LEDs run at 3W each 470NM Semi LED
1x Red LEDs run at 3W each 630NM Epistar
1x Green LEDs run at 3W each 515NM Epistar
2x Yellow LEDs run at 3W each 590NM Edison
2x UV LEDs run at 3W each 420NM Edison
Lifespan: 50000Hrs



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