Lumini Aqua LED Lighting hoods

The Lumini LED range supplies a suitable environment for marine aquariums with Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight, and Thunderstorm modes. This unit provides three times more usable light than any other LED coral light fixture available. All the facts have proven that the Lumini range of LED lighting hoods are one of the most preferred choices in LED Aquarium lighting.

All Lumini LED lighting hoods are fitted with cooling fans, with our dynamically changing LED configurations we use the latest DMX technology. By using PWM Technology to control the fan speeds we are able to reduce noise and allow the optimum use of the LED’s cooling system. All our LED units are fitted with monitoring technology that should a cooling fan fail the LED will only run at 20% until the problem is solved thus protecting the whole LED lighting hood from overheating.

Lumini Aqua Wi-Fi controller

Lumini Aqua Wi-Fi System channel controller uses the latest Technology Wi-Fi (802.11)

It is compatible with Windows, Mac or Android through a Wireless connection with standard in control platforms.

It can control any Lumini device.The Lumini Master can be connected via 802.11 Wi-Fi

It can simulate the tide cycle and controls the wave makers.

Multiple joint daisy chain technology can manage up to thirty lights from one master Wi-Fi controller

DMX and PWM Technology control the LEDs, providing any level of dimming through to optimal brightness


Lumini Wi-Fi Control

Simulate real lunar cycles

Simulate the Lunar cycle with the 29.5 days of the moon phases

Synchronize your wave pump to the lunar cycles

Simulate real weather

 Realistic cloud cover and weather simulation

 Realistic thunderstorm and lightening simulation

Dawn/Dark, Sunrise/Sunset and moonrise/moonset simulations

Customize led brightness to provide the ultimate colour view on your aquarium as well as  enhance optimum growing conditions for corals and sea life in your aquarium.

4 independent light channels

4 channels 8 time settings that are completely configurable.

Lumini smart controller


The Lumini smart controller provides  automated operation of your LED lighting hood. We have the most advanced technology behind our controllers, with a 4 channel system, each channel has a separate dimmer and timer.

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