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There are a few things to remember when buying a generator and that is that not all are made equal. There are many makes, models and sizes that may seem attractive because of their price but be careful. Modern electronics are delicate things and a power source that not correctly sized or specked could fry that expensive HD TV or ones office equipment. The two main types of generator are standby generator and portable generators. Standby generators are big, fixed into position and take over supplying your home or office with power when the municipal power lets you down. These are ideal as you can carry on as normal and don’t get effected by the power outage. Portable Generators need to be positioned in a well ventilated area, most portable generators are not weather proof so one is limited to when they can be used. Another limitation to a portable generator is what one can run because of sizes of these generators. Most portable generators require manual starting and this can often be a problem if there in no one around to start it during a power outage.
We offer a quality standby generator range that will automatically start when the municipal power is interrupted and automatically switch off once the municipal power is restored. With our digital SMART GEN control panel our generators are programmable to your required needs. These standby generators have built in silencer casing to reduce the noise levels.


100%copper and 100% output alternator
Quality material is use and experience designers and technical division have been able to make our alternator similar to original STAMFORD design alternators.


As with all our product range whether marine or now with these new additions, at Aquaria-SA we are proud to source and supply the best for the best!

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