Aquaria AMW37 Nano Aquarium


The Aquaria AMW37 Nano Aquarium is a perfect starter aquarium for anyone, a first time reef keeper or even an advanced reef keeper who wants a smaller aquarium. It comes complete with all the necessary equipment to get started and run a successful nano reef aquarium


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Technical Specs


Size: 0.400 x 0.300 x 0.400 Glass Nano Aquarium and a water volume of 37 Litres

 Lighting 2 x 24w PL tubes [Blue, White 6400K] with 3 Blue LED Moon lights


Refugium with 5w 6500k light


Protein skimmer with pump and a DSB chamber with Biological filter media is included. 

It has a 420 litres per hour return pump  and individual cartridge housings   


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