Aquaria AMZ1000C 1 Meter Cube Aquarium


Now the Aquaria AMZ1000c 1 meter cube is one of our amazing new designs, this unique aquarium has 4 view points, duel sump filtration, illuminated LCD controller, duel overflow return line, duel return lines and lots more. When we designed this aquarium we wanted it to be totally different to any other. With its elegant finishes it will become the centre of attraction in your home.   


 Here are the technical details on the Aquaria AMZ1000c 1 meter cube and more pictures.

Aquarium Size – 1.000 X 0.480 x 0.820mm with a cabinet size of 1.000 X 0.480 X 0.741 and a T5 lighting hood T5 with a 8 x 39w

 Intelligent Controller


Full dual sump filtration in Cabinet

Equipment includes 2 x Aquaria skimmers with pumps , 2 x heaters, 2 x Aquaria return pumps

Anti-slam door hinge and the wood work is covered in Perspex to water proof wood work.

It includes all pipe work to connect up aquarium.




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