Aquaria ABZ3000 3 Meter Aquarium


Now we enter our super-size range of Aquaria aquariums, the ABZ3000 3 meter is big but it has not lost the superb quality or elegant style. The display area is able to house large aqua-scapeing for a stunning coral reef with lots of space for a large variety of exotic inhabitants to swim in and out of your very own ocean garden. As with every Aquaria aquarium everything is finished to highest standards of quality and perfection.  The Aquaria ABZ3000 3 meter has a more than adequate full sump filtration with 2 return pumps, 2 protein skimmers, 4 heaters and adequate space for additional equipment. There are two overflow boxes and two return lines making the aquarium filtration perfect.


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Technical Specs




Aquarium Size - 3000 X 0.720 x 0.900mm

Cabinet Size - 3000 X 0.720 X 0.740

Lighting hood T5 - 39w x 16



Illuminated LCD Intelligent Controller

Full sump Filtration in Cabinet

Equipment included 2 x Aquaria skimmers pumps, 4 x heaters, 2 x Aquaria return pumps

Anti-slam door hinges, all wood work covered in Perspex to water proof wood work

Includes all pipe work to connect up aquarium.


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