Aquaria ABZ2000 2 Meter Aquarium


The Aquaria ABZ2000 2m aquarium enters a new dimension when it comes to size.  Space is no problem when it comes to having a realistic aqua-scaped reef in this aquarium, one can have a stunning fish only aqua-scape design where there is ample space for your marine inhabitants to swim and play or one can have a tranquil aquatic reef garden with loads of different species living in harmony with one another. The Aquaria ABZ2000 is a reef keepers dream, let it become part of your home and enjoy the tranquilly.


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Technical Specs


Aquarium Size: 2000 X 0.600 x 0.820mm

Cabinet Size:  2000 X 0.600 X 0.780

Lighting hood: T5 - 39w x 8

Full sump Filtration in Cabinet

Equipment includes Aquaria skimmer with pump, 2 x heaters, Aquaria pump

Anti-slam door hinges, all wood work covered in Perspex to water proof wood work

Includes all pipe work to connect up aquarium.

Illuminated Intelligent LCD Controller


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