Our import division was established in 1996, and one of our directors has been involved in the marine industry since 1998. We have grown over the years and now also are importers of livestock, corals, supplements, aquarium accessories and aquariums.



To become the leading Wholesalers and retailers in South Africa and throughout the world, through supplying top quality and affordable range of aquariums, aquarium products, equipment, corals and livestock.



Striving for Service excellence through on-going development in the supply of superior products, equipment, aquariums and the latest product range that world market offers.

Goals & Objectives


To open strategic franchise Aquaria stores across South Africa and overseas.


Our Responsibility to our clients


We at Aquaria analysed the South African market and noticed that there was a large demand for a wholesaler and retailer that had a wide range of aquariums, equipment, livestock, coals and products that are top quality, of the latest technology, and most of all cost effective. We then established Aquaria and guarantee our clients "The best and latest technology, the best quality and the most affordable price"

In house


  • Importers of livestock " Marine fish , Corals "

  • Professional Advise on all aspects of both Marine and Tropical fish aquariums

  • Professional and personal assistance with custom built aquariums and setups

  • Wholesalers and retailers  in the supply of aquariums , equipment, supplements, accessories  RO purification fish foods and many more

  • Customer advise on all aspects of aquariums

  • A strong relationship with our suppliers over seas

Our Strength


An Owner driven business with a high regard for quality and service to all our clients. We are passionate about the industry and want it to grow and become the largest aquarium company worldwide. We want to educate our clients, not just in the sell our products but also in the education and guidance on how to keep a health aquarium. We want to help this fantastic hobby grow and show our clients the pleasure it brings us every day. The partners in Aquaria hold many years of knowledge in the Retail industry and also hold many years knowledge in keeping of both marine and tropical fish.



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